Known owners;

The Vixen II was ordered in 1914 to be build by Wilson Marshall, the chairman of the New York yacht club and previous owner of the Atlantic that set the Trans Atlantic record in 1905 (now Rolex Cup) and was only broken in 2005, more than 100 years later.


Right from the start Vixen (also known as Jessica and Sally Ann) was a winner is many regatta’s and events that where held in those years, and that’s why J.P. Morgan took over the boat in the beginning of the 1920’s


As those years with bankers, publishers and big industrials where member of the New York Yacht Club where the golden age of deluxe yacht building, many huge bets where made on the ships participating in the regatta’s the NYYC set out. After black Monday in 1928 the great ressesion began and with the 2nd world war coming after this era, it took a long time for the shipping industry to regain its strength.

The last famous owner was moviestar Warren Beatty who was in a relationship with Madonna, as could be seen in the movie “in bed with Madonna”

Warren was known as a playboy that shared intamicy with many of very known woman a several stayed aboard the VixenII, some you see below.

Madonna             Barbra Streisand           Brigitte Bardot           Halle Berry               Dianna Ross               Maria Callas


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